Kendo’s Healing Message for September

As Kendo makes clear, the need to still the mind is paramount, principally to let go of all the thoughts and wordless concerns that can distract us from living our lives wisely. In some ways this is a paradox – stepping away from the mind yet being ‘mindful’? There is an explanation…

Kendo has already said that one’s minds is one’s friend, especially when applied to ‘mind’ things, like navigating the everyday practicalities that routinely arise. Conversely, he’s also said that it’s important not to resort to the mind for things where it’s out of its depth, such as our feelings, and especially the deeper stuff, such as what we should do with our lives and what kind of person we are seeking to be. Those are definitely beyond the limits of the mind.

Kendo has, of course, counselled that meditation is the gateway to the kind of wisdom which sheds light on those deeper aspects of life, but for those who already meditate he has another approach – being mindful about the mind.

Visitors to the Nagasaki Retreat are introduced to various concepts that help put the mind into a better perspective, everything from ‘suspending disbelief’ in what Zen peace can do for you to visualising the many symbolisms of the eastern horizon; these ‘tools’ use the mind to open the mind to understanding how to be part of a team – you, your mind, and your intuition. And now he’d like to introduce a central practice of that team-work – discrimination.

Discrimination, done right, is not just an algorithm or a mechanistic approach – it is a wise position to apply to the mind to help it regognise when to ask the intuition for input. ‘Meditate on it’ is a phrase often heard, but this practice describes the highest form of discrimination. The greatest, deepest, most challenging problems in life should definitely be meditated on, and if you have that ‘light-bulb’ moment of realising that wise guidance is available to you when your mind and intuition team-up, reason through things as well as enabling your intuitive self with meditation, you’ll have used all your resources in the best possible way, and you will know what to do and how to do it.

Kendo’s ‘enlightened discrimination’ is one of his most powerful mind-tools, and by using it, all the aspects of your self will make a great team and you’ll certainly be the best you can be, to the benefit of your family and community.

What are you waiting for?! Practise enlightened discrimination from now on, and you’ll really make a positive difference in your own life and for all those around you.

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