How to get Healing

Distance Healing is available from Kendo Nagasaki if you need it.

Kendo performs a Distance Healing Ceremony on the 13th day of every month, at 13 minutes past one o’clock in the afternoon (13:13 pm). The reason for this day each month and the minute and hour is the significance of the number 13 to him – he has always found it to be immensely powerful, and all associations with the number enhance the strength of his spiritual practises, including healing.

Therefore, at this time and on these days, those who have been added to Kendo’s Distance Healing List should meditate on his image, and open themselves to the power he represents. Having gained a place on the Healing List, Kendo will send empowering, healing energies to everyone on the List; it is never a matter of numbers – everyone on the healing list will receive Kendo’s healing energies.

The information you give when you apply for healing will reveal some of the important forces acting upon you, such as potential karmic issues. Kendo can derive such information from your Astrological configuration, so the more accurate you can be, the more focussed your healing will be.

For you to receive Kendo’s Distance Healing, you will need to provide the following:


Your first name (surname is not necessary);

Your date of birth;

The town/city of your birth;

The time of your birth, if known;

The nature of your health problem;

How long you have had this particular health problem.


All this information should be emailed to You will receive an acknowledgment email immediately, and a follow-up email shortly thereafter regarding how soon you can be placed on Kendo’s Distance Healing List.

Please Note:

As is mentioned in the “About Healing” page, meditation is a very powerful ally in healing, and Kendo Nagasaki strongly recommends the use of his “Empowerment Meditation” to bring about the levels of deep relaxation which can only be achieved through deep meditation. Even if healing is not required, Kendo’s “Empowerment Meditation” is most helpful in a great many ways, as it brings about the kind of deep relaxation achieved through years of meditation practice, and so the whole “self” becomes better balanced, intuitively aware, and empowered. In combination with healing, the “Empowerment Meditation” also opens the deeper self to the energies of nature, connecting you to them, including the healing energy which Kendo will send to you.

Meditative relaxation is always a very good thing, but it is particularly positive in connection with healing, so please consider getting a copy of Kendo’s Empowerment Meditation to help you find wellness and healthy balance in all things.