Theory & Techniques

Distance Healing is a fascinating phenomenon…

It’s a process that virtually everyone has heard about, but unless they have received it, they will probably know little about it. It’s also a process that’s likely to be the subject of skepticism - after all, how could it possibly work? Let’s address the credibility issue right away…


It’s beyond rationalisation…

A useful analogy at this point might be to call upon an old philosophical chestnut – the so-called “Mind-Body Problem”. Philosopher Rene Descartes is considered to be the founder of modern philosophy; he reflected on how “mind stuff” could possibly influence “body stuff”, even in the absence of a direct connection between the two, and the outcome established the idea that they were different and separate things. Thus, as a result of Descartes’ contemplations, a way of viewing mind and body called “Dualism” was born, and ever since its inception, it has separated the physical from the non-physical. Even today, the problem of how the self-aware, intelligent mind could fit into the strange-looking mass of neurons which comprise the physical brain relies upon answers which cannot be tested or proven by science, and so, dualism continues to be thought of as being valid.

However, an entertaining “thought experiment” might involve watching Descartes’ reaction to the relatively simple modern phenomenon of a radio-controlled toy car; there was no radio in Descartes’ time, and in order to understand how the toy car could obey a remote and unconnected operator, he would need to learn all the science behind radio which we modern people understand – but with no working models or examples of radio in his time, Descartes certainly wouldn’t be able to extrapolate “radio-stuff”, and the phenomenon would continue to look like spookily inexplicable mysticism.

In some ways, this is where we are with healing. The very latest developments in particle physics are just beginning to show that unknown, un-measurable, and even unbelievable forces exist between objects which are distant from each other, and yet the effects are real; all we can do is keep on labouring away at the science, until we have an explanation which matches the experience. In the meantime, the reality is that there are forces at work in the universe which we simply can’t understand, yet they nonetheless exist.


There’s far more to you than just your mind!

It has been rightly said by a great many philosophers that the thinking, reasoning mind is fallible and limited, and consequently, we should not rely upon it beyond working-out simple tasks for day-to-day survival. It therefore makes sense to place only limited reliance on something that is itself limited, and regularly switching the mind off completely with any form of meditation is relaxing and empowering in itself. Kendo points out that far more powerful than the mind is the intuitive self, and this only becomes accessible by getting the mind and all its noise out of the way. Thus, in addition to stilling and “re-booting” the mind and taking a rest from all its nagging chatter, Kendo recommends having faith in our own innate intuitive processes, which become enabled when the mind is stilled. These are the Zen principles which underpin Kendo’s way of seeking “The Peace at the Heart of The Warrior”; but there is more than peace – there is also strength, inspiration, and wellness.

Kendo Nagasaki therefore teaches a philosophy of reason combined with openness to the spiritual worlds. Such an approach is unusual in the West, but that is why Kendo exists in the West – to do the work of bringing about an empowering blend of (judiciously used) Western rationalism with an openness to the spirituality of the East, and of our own selves.

It is on these principles that Kendo has been healing for over 40 years. Finding himself subject to spiritual impressions from an early age, the man behind Kendo’s mask, Yogensha, has had to balance these experiences with his own naturally analytical mind, without shutting them out or being “reductionistic” with them, and he spent many years working and meditating upon finding the right balance. Today, the healing power which flows from Kendo Nagasaki through Yogensha is extremely profound and powerful, refined over many years by constant meditation, contemplation, and deliberation over the energies involved, as well as going beyond mere “thinking” and into feeling and intuitively connecting with the deeper forces of nature. Kendo encourages everyone to transcend the limitations which Western culture teaches, specifically that our minds understand, define, and decide everything about us – we are, in fact, much more than our minds alone, and awakening to this understanding is enormously empowering on every level, including health and well-being.


Help Yourself to Be Well, and Kendo will Help You Too

Many people over many years have described remarkable effects of Kendo’s healing upon their lives, and he continues to offer his healing to anyone who needs it. Depending on your current approach to the world, you can choose to believe in the quantum physics approach, or you may have begun to be aware of the inter-connectedness of the forces of nature, but however you conceptualise yourself, your situation, and the world, by feeling an intuitive connection to the visionary strength of Kendo Nagasaki from amidst a place of complete peace will inevitably bring healing and empowerment to you.

There is evidence from the practice of medicine that relaxation is crucially important for good health. Excessive worry causes stress, which has a measurable physiological effect – stress-hormones (cortisols) increase, which restrict peripheral circulation, increase “fight-or-flight” hormone levels, and digestion is impaired. If such stress levels are sustained over time, the body fails to repair and maintain itself properly, and ill-health results, both physically and mentally. Relaxation is capable of breaking into this vicious cycle, but it is often difficult to actually relax, especially is one hasn’t felt able to for a long time.

In response to all the foregoing, Kendo Nagasaki has created his Meditation recordings. Kendo has always regarded the indecision, self-doubt, and confusion which arise from stress as forms of illness, which can be healed through meditation and connection with the healing energies of the natural universe. Simply by listening to his guided meditation, you are automatically taken to a state of deep relaxation, as deep as can be achieved by years of meditation practice. The more often you use this meditation, the deeper your relaxation becomes, and the more you receive the full benefits of a mental “re-boot”, taking time off from your worries, and becoming able to re-consider your problems from a new perspective. Also, your deeper subconscious and intuitive selves become liberated from the paralysis of indecision which often accompanies stress, and once these deeper levels become more enabled and involved with your everyday life, a wide range of improvements come to you, including peace, strength, the ability to be truly objective, the ability to be emotionally resilient, and more.

From meditation, the best possible balance in life can be found, and it has to be experienced to be appreciated fully. For all these reasons, Kendo Nagasaki highly recommends the use of both his ‘Empowerment Meditation’ and his ‘Zen Kyu Shin Do Meditation’ (see the Store) in conjunction with healing. Not only will you be engaging in the wisest possible practice to help your body help itself, but you will also be at your most highly receptive to the forces of nature which can help you to heal, including the energies sent to you by Kendo via Distance Healing.