Kendo’s Healing Message for October

Is something in particular bothering you? Really bothering you, to the extent that it’s on your mind all the time, but you still have no solution?

There’s an old saying which goes, “If you can’t get out of it, get into it”, which sounds like true ‘motivational speaker’ stuff, but how can becoming even more mentally preoccupied with something help you? Isn’t the mind a limited thing which doesn’t even know when it’s out of its depth? Aren’t you supposed to let everything mind-based fall away?

Those who meditate already will know the answers to these questions, but Kendo has a technique which encourages both your mind and your intuition to work together on solving those really knotty problems. It still requires meditation of course, but it’s how you build up to it that matters.

Prepare for meditation in the usual way and begin to let your thoughts fall away, but make sure your big problem is the last thing to let go of, along with a confidence affirmation that your intuitive self will come to your aid – then meditate.

This process gives rise to a kind of synergy which brings multiple levels of your ‘self’ together; it’s a cross between meditation and mindfulness, whereby you enter your meditation whilst mindfully surrendering your problem. Your intuition will recognise this and deliver wisdom with its own unique reflections on the problem. It will actually do this on levels which haven’t even occurred to your more basic friend, your conscious mind.

Kendo observes that any kind of meditation is extremely good for your total well-being, but if something has been really bugging you, try this way. You can be confident that your intuitive self will always guide you well.

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