Kendo’s Healing Message for March

Kendo says it’s always important to be open to your feelings – they are the gateway to your intuition.

As he’s pointed out many times, Kendo tells us that opening our awareness to our intuitive selves is important, but often not easy. The first obstacle is noise – the constant chatter of the conscious mind, all the details we need to attend to in daily life, everything that people say to us which we need to respond to, and even the constant distraction of TV, the internet, and our phones. Escaping from all that and finding sufficient peace to listen to our own silent inner wisdom is actually quite a challenge.

However, the rewards are priceless. As many philosophers have pointed out, the conscious processes of reason and rationality can be deceived and even confused, so they can’t be relied upon as the ultimate judge of things. As Kendo has repeatedly said, they are essential tools and refining them is important, but they have their limits; they are, after all, recent evolutions, whereas the unconscious intuitive self is timeless.

Those who meditate will know the foregoing all too well, but it’s always worth reminding ourselves of these salient truths – after all, life can be so engrossing and it can be so difficult to find enough time to meditate that we can bee lulled into ‘thinking’ that all is well, when we actually need to be conscientious and look deeper.

When we do, we might be surprised… What we ‘thought’ was fine may not be. Now, if such a caution does come from our intuitive selves, it’s important not to fall into another trap, and search for answers by analysing it; there’s no point in applying a conscious process to intuitive guidance! Instead, we need to still our minds and await further guidance – it will come.

Kendo would point out that the outside world isn’t necessarily bad, but we need to make sure that we make the best decisions for ourselves when we interact with it. This process is an essential part of being the best person we can be – discrimination – it’s actually a fundamental life lesson, and our intuitive selves are our best allies in doing it well and in a timely way.

Kendo says that the value of pausing, stilling the mind, and awaiting intuitive guidance can’t be over-stated.

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