Kendo’s Healing Message for February

Kendo has long advocated positive thinking, for many reasons.

At the very least, casting off negative thoughts reduces stress which is good for both physical and mental healing, and at best, one’s whole life improves – at times, seemingly miraculously.

When things are difficult, it can be all too easy to feel bleak, to not be able to see a way ahead, and that’s when it’s important to listen to supporting voices. When you hear them, it’s then important to let go of worries and have faith in the optimism around you.

As soon as you can begin to feel part of a positive attitude it can gather its own momentum, particularly when you feel able to contribute to it yourself. Collective optimism is an immensely powerful force with which we can help each other, and in so doing, help ourselves too.

What Kendo is describing here is a kind of community of benevolence. He’s long described Kyu Shin Do, a greater vision which arises from peace at one’s core, and Zen meditation is a highly accessible way in to this state of mind. However, he isn’t evangelical about how we can find peace and strength, nor how we can help others – a great deal can be achieved with just a positive attitude.

Here at the Nagasaki Retreat and the Lee Rigby Foundation, we’re constantly seeing the power of positive thought. We keep meeting more and more incredible people who give so much to help others. All of them have had their own reversals and difficulties at times, but they’ve found help and support when they’ve needed it and they’re passing on that gift to others – it’s an honour and an inspiration knowing them.

In such company it’s impossible not to feel tremendously positive about the kind of community they’re creating – it’s one which is immediately ready to support anyone in need, whoever they are.

It’s important to know that such a willing supportive community exists, that there are so many people ready to lend a hand, because it means that there’s far more to life than whatever difficulties we face. Simply knowing this can be the first step up and out of despair, towards an immensely positive future.

No-one is alone – you can believe that when you reach out, you will find great people to help you.

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