Kendo’s Healing Message for January

Whilst there is hope on the horizon with the Covid-19 vaccine eventually becoming available for everyone, for many of us the waiting is very difficult; so much of our lives has been shut down, so much of what we knew of seeing our friends and extended family has been taken away, and so many aspects of getting out and about and being a part of society are currently not possible. And all this is before we even consider the financial impact of the current situation on so many people’s lives; not only do we have plenty to worry about, but we may be beginning to feel diminished, in and of ourselves.

On this last point, there has been quite a lot said about how such restrictions affect people’s mental health, and this is genuinely a matter to be taken seriously, but Kendo would tell you that there is much that you can do to feel better, maintain the balance in your life, and come through these challenges healthy and able to resume your life undiminished and fully capable, when circumstances allow.

Kendo would remind you that even if you have felt listlessness, disengaged with the world, and perhaps even depressed, you might be losing sight of how powerful you are as a force for good. It might be difficult to see this amidst such restrictions on your life, but you can still be a strong force for good in people’s lives, and doing so will restore purpose and achievement to your own.

Kendo recommends that you try to see the possibilities that still exist to enable you to feel connected – if you are reading this, you have a ‘device’, be it a phone or tablet or computer, and we are fortunate that electronic communication on all these devices is so capable now. Kendo would recommend taking a break from scrolling through other people’s versions of the outside world, and reach out to your contacts, including those you haven’t been in touch with for some time. Talking about how you feel is incredibly healthy, and asking others how they feel is healing and generous for you and whomever you speak to. As you ‘pay it forward’, so it will come back to you – reaching out to others for no reason other than to engage in healthy, uplifting interaction will cause ripples of benevolence and positivity to spread throughout our society, and we will all benefit.

As Kendo points out, you can choose to be an active part in that positive movement, and it begins with realising that the current restrictions and challenges do not define or diminish who you really are – you just need to recognise your true value and express it in the world.

Of course, Kendo would recommend meditating on this – if you let all your current frustrations fall away and enjoy true Zen peace, when you come back you will have found your ‘Buddha within’, and, realising the power of that, you can spread your peace and wisdom and healing just by calling or messaging someone.

Despite the current challenges, you can remind yourself that you are a powerful agent for positivity, and being your best for the benefit of your friends and family and the whole of society just requires a little lateral thinking at this time… Go ahead: use your devices to pay it forward to everyone you can reach – you’ll be changing our currently challenged world for the better, conversation by conversation.

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