Kendo’s Healing Message for February

As a way out of the restrictions caused by Covid-19 becomes apparent, anticipation of our forthcoming freedoms is delicious! The ability to see friends and family without limitation and engage in unfettered relaxation and leisure activities and look forward to holidays is universally welcome and represents the return of some kind of ‘normal, but Kendo recommends that we take the opportunity to consider some of the aspects related to that return.

Firstly, the science which has led to such incredibly fast development of multiple vaccines has its roots in inspiration, which is undeniably intuitive. Whilst data can tell a scientist where they’ve arrived, it doesn’t necessarily point to where to go next. Much of the hard work which led to the required breakthroughs will have resulted from scientists wracking their brains and exhausting the next logical destination, and the resulting rationalistic vacuum creates the opportunity for the intuition to be heard. As Kendo points out, before a scientific theory can become a rule through experimentation, it begins as a philosophy, an idea, an inspiration – even for scientists at the cutting edge and under pressure, the intuition remains the key to brilliant advances, and space must be made for it to be heard. Kendo reminds us that this always remains true for us all.

As we begin to benefit from the outcomes of intuition-based science, we’ll be re-embarking on our social and leisure activities, and this ‘re-start’ gives us the opportunity to consider anew the consequences. Our reduced activities under Covid have resulted in a record fall in carbon dioxide levels worldwide, which will hugely benefit nature globally. Kendo advises that our relief at the return of our freedoms should be tempered with humility – we need to see any injury we cause to the world around us as an injury to ourselves, and any concession to caring for the environment as doing ourselves a favour. Such an enlightened approach – as guided by our inner Buddha – will naturally benefit us all, and perhaps even recalling the intuition-guided scientists to whom we owe so much will help us to make the best decisions for all – ourselves, our families, and the whole world.

Kendo recommends that even though a sense of normality will be returning to our lives, this is an especially good opportunity to meditate on the most enlightened way to use our new freedoms – it would be the responsible, Buddhist thing to do.

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