Kendo’s Healing Message for September

Kendo has previously mentioned the subjectivity of needing healing – how personal and intense such a situation can be; now he’d like to consider the ways in which a need for healing can be a lonesome experience too.

There are, of course, many ways in which healing can be needed, from a physical ailment or difficulty, to stress, and also an emotional need, such as the aftermath of a trauma. It’s often been said that time is a healer, which is is, but being only part-way through a healing process means that one’s situation is still acute, still raw, still difficult to cope with. Kendo has observed that those in need of healing can find their situations are even more difficult to deal with because no-one else can understand how keenly they feel things; being in need of healing can also make one feel distressingly alone.

Kendo would point out that one is never actually alone. Even in the absence of other people, there is a whole natural world around us, one which is elegantly self-regulating and self-healing, and we must have faith that this process applies to us too, as parts of that greater whole. Kendo would counsel that it’s not just time that’s the healer, but one’s own nature is constantly striving for balance, which it will gradually find. Simply putting faith in that constant positive movement will be a big help along the way – having confidence that it will happen will take stress out of the process, which will make the healing journey easier and quicker.

This is particularly true of emotional wounds, such as one feels after being wronged. Kendo would always encourage us to believe in natural justice and rectitude, and that one wrong done to us doesn’t prove that the universe is an intrinsically bad place. It’s quite the opposite, in fact, and our faith in ‘rightness’ and wellness and balance helps keep the whole big picture of the natural world in positive balance.

Kendo has always said that thinking right leads to doing right, which leads to our own lives being the best they can be, and, by extension, the lives of everyone around us; he counsels that however alone you may feel in whatever difficulties you may face, remembering the intrinsic ‘rightness’ of life keeps its momentum towards wellness and goodness. That small positive shift in attitude, even in the face of difficulties, has positive consequences far beyond what we can see from a position of needing healing.

Kendo’s healing message this month is to keep your faith in the good, and it will come to you.

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