Kendo’s Healing Message for October

Last weekend we were delighted that many wonderful people came to the Estate for the opening of the Lee Rigby House. It was truly inspiring to experience everyone’s goodwill and optimism, and their willingness to lend a hand to those who need it so that they can unwind and re-find their strength and balance.

Everyone remarked upon the peace and wonderful ‘feel’ of the setting around the House, which itself is is a powerful testament to the capable and generous people who gave so much of their time and abilities to bring Lyn Rigby’s vision to such excellent fruition. The whole is even more than the sum of its magnificent parts.

The House truly feels like the oasis it was always hoped it would be – it’s steadfast but unassuming, like a good friend, and the harmonious essence of nature surrounds it and flows through it; it is definitely a healing place.

For those of us on the Estate who witnessed the entire project, it’s impossible to look at the House without seeing detail after detail after detail which exists only because of someone’s generosity and compassion, and they are beyond number; the House was literally built with love, and is a monument to it.

Everyone who played a part in this project has so clearly been the very best that a human being can be, and it’s been overwhelming to have seen this from so many people. Their goodwill has effectively made the peace and power of nature easily accessible to those who need to feel it, and it’s an astonishing synergy.

There cannot be a clearer example than the Lee Rigby House of how much selfless goodwill there is in support of those who have lost loved ones, and helping them back to strength and optimism, and feeling part of a most excellent family.

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