Kendo’s Healing Message for May

As life begins to look like it’s going to return to ‘normal’, we have every right to feel optimistic and look forward to the kind of summer we know and love – good company, good weather, good times. However, Kendo recommends that we reflect upon things, as doing so will strengthen our balance. What does he mean by this?

Those who already meditate and follow Kendo’s recommendations know that he is a strong advocate of counting our blessings, as opposed to falling into the trap of expecting them. When everything is going well it is easy to slip into a kind of complacency about our responsibilities to others, and to the natural world around us – of which we are, of course, a part. This is why Kendo recommends meditation and humility, so that we don’t lose sight of any opportunities to be the best we can be.

But emerging from the restrictions of the pandemic presents a new challenge – we may find that immersing ourselves into what we used to enjoy may lead to feelings of anti-climax and even disappointment; why might this happen?

When we are challenged we need to find inner resources to meet, manage, and master the challenge, and this is what we have all been doing – generally successfully – as a nation. As we’ve all been in it together, we’ve shared a coping mentality and looked forward together to freedom from limitations, but we have been changed by our enforced restrictions – we have been strengthened and deepened by our challenges. It may be that we need more from an unrestricted life than we had before – we may find that we need our lives to be more meaningful.

Finding our new balance is greatly eased by meditating. As Kendo has observed often before, seeking the peace of Zen and being open to our intuitive wisdom helps us to flow into the best person we can be, with no pre-conceptions or attitudes or opinions holding us back. Remembering that the conscious mind is limited is extremely helpful in making it our ally as opposed to our master, and allowing all levels of our selves to be expressed.

So, as our freedoms increase, Kendo recommends that we embrace them in an enlightened way – ease back into them as opposed to bingeing on them, and take with you everything you have learned from successfully coping with your recent restrictions. As ever, taking an enlightened approach to change – even positive change – will make your experience of it, and others’ experience of you – the best it can be.

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