Kendo’s Healing Message for June

Kendo Nagasaki believes in you!

Confidence is an important quality in all things, whether it’s believing you can achieve something specific or generally improving your life, and in areas as diverse as work and personal goals and even personal relationships. If you lack confidence, you may miss the opportunity to take full advantage of the situations around you.

This could result in a lesser outcome for more than just yourself – you may be able to bring a specific ability or quality or insight to a situation, but if you don’t have the confidence to put yourself forward and take on the job, others may lose out too. You may be the perfect person for a role you’d never seen yourself in or mastering, and a lack of confidence should not deprive everyone of what your skills and insights could bring about.

As Kendo has described many times, we are all blessed with an astonishing creative ability which springs from our intuitive selves. The intuition is infinitely wise and inspired – the trick is being able to hear its counsel over the noise of the chattering monkey-mind. This is, of course, the foundation of Kendo’s approach to meditation – still the mind and free the intuition, the wisest guide of all.

This really works – as sensei Kenshiro Abbe taught the man behind Kendo’s mask and as he in turn has taught many people since, the peace of Zen and the objectivity of KyuShinDo are hugely personally empowering. There have even been people so delighted with Kendo’s guidance towards personal empowerment that they have become evangelical about it, enthusiastically spreading the word. Kendo welcomes that – everyone should have access to the means to becoming the very best they can be.

This is why Kendo believes in you. He knows how much more we can all be when we meditate, still the mind, and liberate our intuitive selves. It’s disarmingly easy – all you need to do now is to suspend disbelief and try it, and the most accessible way is via Kendo’s Zen KyuShinDo meditation. The cost goes directly towards funding the work of Kendo’s charity and his support of the Lee Rigby Foundation, so it’s a worthy purchase on every level – in helping yourself, you’ll help many others too.

The meditation is available here.

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