Kendo’s Healing Message for December

As we approach the end of 2016, we arguably find ourselves in a strikingly changed world. We have war, we have dissatisfaction with the political process, we have hardship on many fronts, we have an increased sense of ‘otherness’ among us, and these energies can be seen all around the world…

Kendo encourages us to exercise a gentle awareness of such emergent contrasts, because they are important, but not allow them to dominate our awareness. He recommends the following approaches – firstly, do not fear what is happening around you – there is no need to. In fact, Kendo counsels that calmness is essential, in order to bring peace, strength, and order to the changes going on around us.

Secondly, Kendo recommends waiting for your intuition to guide you. When an unfamiliar situation arises, it can be comforting to take a position quickly, because then, indecision has been banished, but if things evolve in opposition to that position, fear may arise, when all that’s actually happening is that the ‘bigger picture’ is expressing itself more clearly. Kendo reminds us that such fear can be avoided by maintaining a fluid impression of what’s evolving, and – as stated above – a calm and strong head amidst shifts beyond our control will ease ourselves and others into the new way of things.

Kendo also recommends that we trust in the processes around us. There would seem to be global and cultural shifts under way, and the emerging new ways will need people of optimism and benevolence to help it express itself in the best possible way.

In summary of the foregoing, Kendo counsels that in these unusual times, all you need to do is continue doing what the Buddha advocates – be the best you can be – keep doing the right thing at all times, embrace the positivity and intuitive gifts which come from calmness, and know that the future contains your own positive, flexible, and constructive attitude.

So, Kendo advises that whatever challenge or change we witness, be ready to practice Kyu Shin Do – place it all at that safe, objective distance from your Zen-still self, and you will simply know how to be a positive force in the unfoldment of the emerging way of things, and the New Year will have the best possible start in being the best it can be also.

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