Kendo’s Healing Message for September

Almost exactly one month ago, on 14th August, Kendo once again attended the British Wrestlers’ Reunion. This time, he was accompanied by our friends, Lyn and Ian Rigby, and their daughter, Courtney. This had been planned for some time, as The Kendo Nagasaki Foundation continues working closely with the Lee Rigby Foundation to provide a peaceful ‘get-away’ here on the Retreat estate, the Lee Rigby Lodge.

Copies of Lyn’s book were on sale at the Reunion, and so was the Nagasaki Foundation’s “Wrestling for Veterans” DVD of the March wrestling contest and fund-raiser at the Victoria Hall, Hanley, and both contributed towards raising funds for the Lee Rigby Foundation.

The support from all who came to the Reunion for Lyn and Kendo’s joint appearance and work together was more than generous – it was inspiring. Among wrestling fans there are some extremely generous people, and some of them are influential too, and what was pledged to us on that day was so magnanimous as to be genuinely humbling.

Following that great event, Kendo wishes to let it be known to all who are bereaved, those who are stressed, those who are traumatised, and those who can barely see a way ahead, there is boundless support available for you, so please reach out for it. We are doing all we can to progress the opening of the Lee Rigby Lodge, and it will be a wonderful facility, but until we can reach that goal, please know that you are very far from alone – we continue to be amazed at how much caring and support is around us all, and it is a contagious, positive wave.

So, whatever your circumstances, Kendo says, hang in there! In the very short term, just taking a deep breath, and then another, and then another – this is mindfulness, and it will bring you peace, and the ability to begin to see beyond your immediate problem. Kendo understands that at times, it can seem impossible to see into the next minute, but he asks you to believe that you can – and then to believe that there is an ocean of support awaiting you.

Having faith in a brighter future is something that applies on all levels, and Kendo points out that together, we can achieve it. In the Lee Rigby Lodge, through our work with the Lee Rigby Foundation, we at the Nagasaki Foundation have a vision for the future, a future which is a positive evolution of the present, which will rely upon the positivity and generosity of those around us. We’ve been fortunate enough to see that such support and generosity is real and powerful, and the future looks incredibly bright, but it’s a future which – until it happens – continues to require our faith in better things to come.

The same is true for us all, especially those who are currently challenged by their circumstances, so try Kendo’s suggestion – look up from the stony path of life, and even if you still see clouds, believe that they will clear, and the sun will shine again for you – and we’re here to help make that happen.

Kendo wants you to know that you are not alone – you are among friends, who care. Believe in that, reach out, and rise up.

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